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Welcome to the AoUSMV


Welcome to the Association of US Military Veterans!


“Supporting veterans who have, are transitioning from, or are thinking of transitioning from military to civilian life, providing guidance and assistance to enhance the living of our vets.


The AoUSMV is an IRS 501c3 corporation registered with the State of Florida.  Today we have two roles to support disadvantaged veterans:

1.  Career Centers:  Are facilities for disadvantaged veterans providing internet and computer access to look for work, learn computer skills and job training; partnering with local City and private businesses to assist veterans in writing resumes, interview skills and share the latest "best known methods" for finding jobs.  Today we have opened our first center partnering with the 5 Star Veterans Center in Jacksonville, Florida; partnering with over 15 local recruiting agencies.

2.  Veterans Treatment Court: Recent empirical data collection reflects that Jacksonville incarcerates approximately 150 Veterans each month. Many of these arrests involve substance abuse, alcohol, and/or mental health afflictions.

The Association of US Military Veterans, through partnerships with the Jacksonville Veterans Court and other partner Veteran Organizations, will assist in stabilizing the justice-involved Veteran by providing services ranging from legal defense, advice, treatment referrals, connection to a myriad of VA services, financial assistance with court-ordered monitoring and testing equipment, transportation, and housing services. Once the Veteran reaches a stabilized point in their recovery, other AoUSMV core capabilities like resume writing, interviewing skills, computer training and certification, and aggressive job marketing is instituted.


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